Back to the countryside.. Cercedilla and the clouds (50 km away from Madrid).
"Couple" by Amy Dienes
Días de hiking. Eretza (887m), Sierra de Sasiburu (Euskadi).
» Circus Columbia (2010), directed by Danis Tanovic

I guess I could probably make a movie in any language, but it was great to go back to my own… This part of the world has a very out-of-time feeling… Unfortunately, so much has changed – irreversibly. I sometimes feel that in 1992, when communism fell, we stood on the edge of a wide abyss. The rest of the world watched silently on the other side. We were forced to jump, but we did not make it to the other side. And we are still falling.

El chip que llevo implantado en la cabeza. Ilustración de Rebecca Dautremer. 
» Balmorhea's lovely new release "Candor/Clamor"♫

If “Candor” is a tense and foggy dream, lost in a forest, beguiled by the angelic siren overhead, “Clamor” is the heart-pounding shamanistic wake-up call.


I don’t like parks. They are like nature wannabes.
— Kahlmeter
Ser ‘hipster’ en España o ¿Cómo piensa, viste y calza el moderno ibérico? En palabras de Joaquín Reyes, un moderno español es alguien que ha copiado algo a alguien que a su vez lo copió a otra persona, pero dos años antes aproximadamente. 
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