El chip que llevo implantado en la cabeza. Ilustración de Rebecca Dautremer. 
» Balmorhea's lovely new release "Candor/Clamor"♫

If “Candor” is a tense and foggy dream, lost in a forest, beguiled by the angelic siren overhead, “Clamor” is the heart-pounding shamanistic wake-up call.


I don’t like parks. They are like nature wannabes.
— Kahlmeter
Ser ‘hipster’ en España o ¿Cómo piensa, viste y calza el moderno ibérico? En palabras de Joaquín Reyes, un moderno español es alguien que ha copiado algo a alguien que a su vez lo copió a otra persona, pero dos años antes aproximadamente. 
Navidad 2010. ¡Feliz consumismo!
» At Equilibrium - A snowboard documentary by Blickinsfreie

When western professionalism meets eastern passion to create a common history. 

La conquista de Tologorri (1068m), Sierra Salvada, País Vasco.
» The idea of a society united by one culture is only a construction

No one has only one, but several sometimes contradictory identities. No one is only British (or Indian) and Christian (or Muslim) but also manager (or mechanic) and academic (or illiterate). What’s more, every one has a professional, a geographic and a political identity. By consequence each person belongs to different groups that - depending on the individual disposition - are of greater or lesser importance.

Herbst-Look: Der Pistol Boot ist ein zeitloser Klassiker, der in Gun Grey perfekt zur aktuellen Saison passt!

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The fragile weapon lies next to your coffee and cake, asking to be picked up. Its coolness and comfortable grip increase the qualms of the user, leaving him in a quandary between the pleasure of luxury and violence.
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